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89% of respondents were satisfied with the networking opportunities that were presented to them during

breaks and at social events.

79% were very satisfied with the amount of time permitted to view the posters. However multiple comments

confirmed that it may work better to have one or two dedicated poster sessions in order for the poster

presenters to be present. They would also prefer to have them in one location.

The majority of respondents rated the panel and plenary sessions as excellent or good.

The app, despite some teething problems, was well received. That being said, 79% of respondents still used

their printed programme. They liked the A5 format (72% responded in favour) and 73% liked having both the

app and the printed programme.

In terms of value for money, 28% rated is an excellent and 49% rated it is as good.

308 delegates submitted survey session feedback via the app.

Areas for improvement:

Sponsored lunch sessions: 92% of respondents did not attend a sponsored lunch session. The main reason

for this was that they preferred to use that time for networking (46%) or attending a working group meeting


Number of plenaries

About right

Too many Not enough

Venue & Facilities

Excellent Good Fair Poor