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Chief Executive Officer’s Report

Annual General Meeting 2018

This year’s AGM took place in The Principal Hotel in Manchester on Tuesday 11


September. We were delighted to welcome a great number of our members to the

meeting: 64 organisational members, 10 individual members and 2 Associates –

we even had to bring in more

chairs and had members sitting at

the open doors!

All of the formal business had

been approved by the organisational members in advance

via online voting.

The highlights from the year were presented by the Chair,

Duncan Service. Please take a look at ou

r Annual Report

for details.

The Trustee election results were announced, with

Pablo Alonso Coello

joining the board as a new Trustee – you can

learn more about Pablo on page 5 of the newsletter;

Ina Kopp


Craig Robbins

were both elected for a third and final term.

Holger Schünemann

retired from the

Board and was thanked for his six years of significant contributions to G-I-N, while on the Board, his first two

terms as an Individual Trustee, then as an Organisational Trustee for his final term.

We were also sorry to announce that

Lubna Al-Ansary

had just resigned from the Board, due to work

commitments. Lubna has been a Trustee since 2012 and will be missed by all.

Duncan Service’s term as Chair came to an end at the AGM and

Gillian Leng

was congratulated on being

appointed Chair for the coming year, with Ina Kopp taking on the role of Vice Chair, once again. Ina has also

previously served as Chair.

Iain Grimmond’s term as a co-opted Treasurer also came to an end at the AGM and he was sincerely

thanked for his two years on the Board. Duncan Service has been appointed to the role of Treasurer for the

coming year.

Iain gave a short presentation on the finances of the charity for the past year.

Gillian Leng gave a brief overview of the priorities for the coming year, then I reminded everyone of the dates

for the

G-I-N/JBI conference

next year

and announced that the 2020 conference will take place in Toronto

and will be hosted by McMaster University. Organisational members who would like to learn more about

hosting a future conference should

visit the website

in the first instance, the

n contact me

directly if you would

like to find out more.


e AGM presentation

is available on our website for G-I-N members, along with the draft minute.