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Getting to know Pablo Alonso

Pablo Alonso is the most recent addition to our Board

of Trustees and we are delighted to have him on-board.

Pablo’s background is originally family practice until he started

to collaborate with the Iberoamerican Cochrane Center in

Barcelona in the late 90s. Since then he has been working in the

field of clinical epidemiology, with a special focus on systematic

reviews and clinical practice guidelines.

“My first contact with guidelines experience was actually in

Scotland, where I undertook a three-month fellowship at SIGN, a

leading guideline organisation. I have fond memories of that

visit, and I remember of how impressed I was. Everyone was

very welcoming, and I got exposure to a broad range of

activities. This was a while ago, as NICE still had not published

its first guideline, and there were already rumors of a potential

initiative for an international organisation on guidelines.”

I actually attended the first G-I-N conference back in 2003! I

then went on to complete a fellowship at the Department of

Clinical Epidemiology at McMaster University. Since then the

GRADE working group has been a major influence in my career.

These days I am a senior researcher at the Iberoamerican

Cochrane Centre, and I am also in charge of the Barcelona

GRADE center. We have gradually assembled a research group

with a special interest in guidelines methods, and a major focus

in the field of clinical guidelines updating. Finally, being based at

the Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre allows me to be closely

connected with Latin American countries.

I have been involved in guidelines in general over last two

decades, both at national and international level. I have

contributed to the development and implementation of the

methodological guidance used in the Spanish National Program

of Guidelines from the Ministry of Health, and currently serve as

its Scientific Director.”

My vision for the guideline enterprise for the next few years is a

gradual move towards more transparency and rigor, with a

further development of methods to consider neglected aspects,

like resource use considerations, the patient and public

perspective, equity, acceptability, and feasibility. Further work is

also clearly required to foster guideline adaptation in a setting of

limited resources, and specifically address the challenges and

needs of organisations in developing countries

We also need to further incorporate and

research the methods that we have to keep

guidelines up-to-date. However, what is most

important in my view, is to learn how to

realistically share the burden of guideline

development, a crucial aspect for the

sustainability of the guideline enterprise.

Technologies clearly will be crucial to achieve

this goal.

Away from guidelines I do have another life. I

have three kids and we love hiking in the

mountains. We have a camper van and we

very often spend our weekends visiting the


When I have some time away from work I also

enjoy biking and swimming in the sea. Being

in a beautiful location such as Barcelona

allows me to enjoy these activities.

Hopefully we can have a future G-I-N

conference here in Spain too!